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General Dentistry

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Restorative Dentistry
Treatment(s) to restore the teeth to their original appearance and function

Preventive Dentistry
Treatment(s) designed to aid in preserving your teeth and supporting structures (gums and bone)

Endodontics (root canal)
Treatment(s) of the diseased tooth pulp (nerves) to alleviate pain and the spread of infection

Children's dentistry

Oral Surgery
Tooth removal, minor surgical procedures

Treatment(s) of the supporting structures of the teeth (the gums and bone)

Replacement or restoration of severely broken down teeth via crowns (caps), bridges, implants, full or partial dentures or a combination of the above

Cosmetic Dentistry
Treatment(s) to enhance the appearance of one's teeth or smile by correcting discolorations, size and shape discrepancies and mal-aligned teeth through the primary use of bleaching (whitening) and bonded porcelains

Digital Radiography
Uses a digital image capturing device to provide dental x-rays for almost instant digital display, bypassing traditional x-ray image developing processes

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